Rt.Rev.Msgr.Joseph Kuzhinjalil

  • The firmament may crumble, but not without His knowledge.
  • Peace and happiness constitute the greatest wealth in this world.
  • It is God who made me accomplish it all.
  • Prayer is the expression of divine love rooted in deep faith that endures all external forces.
  • Nothing has been done by me covertly without mentioning to and consulting with those concerned.
  • Never utter a lie, even for fun’s sake. Never sulk. Reconcile and forgive at the earliest.
  • Keep your conscience pure. You may live on courageously.
  • Make it a habit to submit before Him a list of our daily blessings instead of the list of our wants.
  • It must be to praise God and to serve and delight our fellows that we use our tongue for.
  • Your means should be as pure and virtuous as the ends irrespective of your field of service.
  • I won’t pinch even half a moment from the time set apart for God.
  • Conquer your foes with your tranquility. Win them over with your patience.
  • Adversities and miseries make a committed one stronger and more courageous.
  • The origin of charity work is the boundless love to Jesus.

Congregation of the Daughters of Mary (DM) is a missionary congregation of Pontifical Right according to canon law CEO can.505(2).